General questions

Since 2019 people can apply online for an eVisa via
On the website you will find what visa (eVisa, eBusiness visa or eTouristcard) would apply for you.

Yes, the Embassy could provide you with personal documents. See our tab Consular for more information on documents, requirements and fees to obtain these.

Nationals of the countries listed below based on Visa Exemption Agreement with the Republic of Suriname. Click here for list.

Upon entering, the sailboat is registered by the Maritime Authority Suriname (MAS), and an entry stamp from the immigration service will be received, which is valid for at least one month stay in the waters of Suriname. If the foreigner wishes to stay longer he or she should apply for a visa at the Consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The documents needed are the same as those required for the application for a regular tourist visa.

According to Article 46 of the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, CARICOM citizens are allowed, to move freely in Suriname for a period of six months. This is also the case with regard to certain groups, namely the skilled citizens, settled to work in Suriname. (SB 2006 No. 19).