Symbols of nationhood

The Flag represents the unity of all ethnic groups, progress and love, hope and family, and peace and justice. It has five horizontal divisions. The third section has a yellow five pointed star in the center.

  • The green symbolizes the fertility of Suriname with its many possibilities. It also represents the hopeful expectation, the new Suriname.
  • The white symbolizes righteousness and freedom.
  • The red symbolizes progressiveness, the unending efforts of the nation to continue to work with the deed for the renewal of man and society.
  • The yellow star symbolizes the sacrificial consensus and focus on the golden future.

The Coat of Arms represents the past, the present and the future of Suriname. The motto is 'Justitia Pietas Fides', which means Justice, Faith and Loyalty. The shield is vertically divided in two. At the left of the shield there's a sailing boat which symbolizes the history of Suriname. The palm tree at the right part of the shield stands for the present as well as the future. The diamond shaped heart shield bearing a golden star symbolizes the future and hope. The shield is being held by our first peoples, the indigenous.

The National Anthem "God zij met ons Suriname" has 2 verses, the first in Dutch and the second in Sranan Tongo.