Travel information

Suriname is becoming an increasingly attractive adventurous and sustainable holiday destination for tourists who are looking for a special pristine holiday destination. It has a lot to offer to its visitors, a friendly and hospitable population, beautiful nature, a growing number of modern hotels, culinary hotspots, and a lot of entertainment and culture.

Among other things, it offers a virgin tropical rain forest, with rich flora and fauna. Villages of the Amerindians and Maroons in the interior are very interesting sights for tourists. The Central Suriname Nature Reserve (1998) is one of the largest nature reserves, and quite possibly the single most pristine tropical forest protected area on Earth.

Tourism in Suriname remains adventurous because it has not been spoiled by the pollution of the modern world. Located in the northern part of South America between Guyana and French Guyana and neighboring in the south to the gigantic Amazon rain forest and Brazil , Suriname is an ideal hub to exploring the "The beating heart of the Amazon". Rivers, Creeks, Rapids, Waterfalls, Rivers, Mountains, Plants, Trees, Flowers and an enormous amount of animal species blend into a paradise on earth, waiting to be explored. Suriname consists for 80% of tropical rainforest, making it an ideal country for nature lovers, bird watching, fishing, observing crocodiles or monkeys to whoosh through the treetops of the rainforest. Suriname got it all!

General Points of Entry

There are four general points of entry to Suriname.

  • The J.A. Pengel International Airport, about 40 kilometers south of Paramaribo;
  • The International harbor of Paramaribo;
  • The border town of Albina, on the left bank of the Marowijne river, opposite St. Laurent du Maroni in French Guyana (in the East);
  • Nieuw Nickerie, in the North-western section of the country, near the border with the Cooperative Republic of Guyana (in the West).