Tourism Information

About 80% of the land area of Suriname consists of tropical rainforest. The jungle of Suriname is among the most pristine in the world. You'll find more than 300 different species of trees and many animals and plants. Ecotourism is the most popular for which the tourists come here. The beautiful interior with flora and fauna give every tourist the feeling of rest, relaxation and 'unwind' in a piece of paradise. A visit is therefore a unique experience to Suriname.

Suriname is a country of diverse cultures and traditions. Discover Suriname in the culture, the lifestyle, the food, the hospitality and authentic places all over the country. The Hindustanis, Javanese and Chinese are living here entirely in accordance with their typical culture and tradition and the Indigenous people and Maroons in the interior according to ancient tribal traditions and customs.

Suriname has a tropical climate. It is hot and humid. The average temperature is 27 ° C. There are two rainy seasons. The short rainy season falls in December and January, the long rainy season from April to July. Sometimes this is accompanied by 'sibibusi' violent rainshowers. De dry periods (February and March, August and November) are the best time to visit Suriname.

Suriname is a country of color and diversity where tolerance and respect for each other's culture and religion are of paramount importance.

There are no less than twenty languages spoken here. Most Surinamese are multilingual. The main languages in Suriname are:

  • Dutch
  • Sranantongo
  • Sarnami Hindi
  • Javanese
  • Maroon different languages i.e. Saramaccan and Aukan etc.
  • Tribal languages i.e. Arowak, Carib etc.
  • Chinese (Hakka, Mandarin and Cantonese).

Suriname is a multicultural country. The people are known to be very hospitable.