Annual Events in Suriname

Every year there are some remarkable annual events held in Suriname which are worth visiting.

April: Carnivalesque walking event – AVD

The Suriname "wandelmars" or "Avond vierdaagse" (AVD), is an annual event organized during the Easter vacation in the month April in Suriname. This event is a 4-day walking event, mainly to keep the population, young and old, healthy and moving and is held in the streets of Paramaribo City. The AVD has an extra reflection of culture and commercial output. Divided into separate groups with their own logistics and organization it has become an event of fun, advertising and folklore.

June, 21: Fete de la Musique

Fête de la Musique is originally a French concept, which is adopted worldwide. Fete de la Musique is always celebrated on the day and evening of 21 June, the first summer day in Europe. Started in France in 1982, the festival's main purpose is to celebrate what organizers call 'the magical gift of music'. This event is organized by the French Embassy in Suriname.

November: Suriname Savanna Rally

The Suriname Savanna Rally is a 3-day adventure in the natural beauty of Suriname and is organized by SARK rally club. This rally can absolutely be seen as one of Suriname's biggest auto motor events, attracting many participants from all over the world. The event can also be marked as an Eco-Tourism event, because it brings participants to the unexplored regions of Suriname, where normal traffic won't bring you. The Suriname Savanna Rally usually starts at night when a big starting event is organized at the Independence Square ("Onafhankelijkheidsplein") in Paramaribo. The following days of the Suriname Savanna Rally are filled with excitement of road activities with rest stops and overnight camping in nature. According to participants, the rally is a must do for all rally lovers.

October: National Art Fair

The National Art Fair in Paramaribo highlights the amazing talents of local artists. Held at the end of October, each year, this festival focuses mainly on the work of visual artists in the country. More than simply exhibitions, however, there are also several art workshops and interactive discussions with the artists themselves.

November, 25: Srefidensi Marathon

The Srefidensi Marathon is an annual running event on the occasion of Suriname’s Independence Day at the 25thof November. During this marathon, hundreds of runners from Suriname and around the world fill the streets around the independence square in Paramaribo.

New Year's Eve: Pagara Estafette

Suriname’s Pagara Estafette is at CNN’s list of top locations to visit for new year’s celebrations. The festival closes the calendar and is perhaps the most popular festival of all. The Pagara Estafette is a massive street party in Paramaribo waving goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new one. The festival is characterized by amazing firework displays and live concerts. Of all the events in Suriname, this one should definitely not be missed.